Saturday, 27 March 2010

Nigerians Are Inept, Gullible, Cowards, Cunning, Negative, Hypocrites, Sentimental, Secretive...

Experts Are Of The View That Nigerian Problems Lies In Ethnicism, Religion, Corruption And Being Too Big To Be Governed And Adequately Developed. Considering The Present Chaotic Condition, Is It Not Better Nigeria Is Divided Into 2-Southern And Northern Nigeria-Or 6-North West, North Central, North East, South West, South East And South South Either As A Confederation With A Weak Centre Or As Independent States? In Response To That Poser Ayodeji Adeseyoju In This Maiden Edition Of One Question With Chukwunwikezarramu Okumephuna Blames All Of Us For The Problem With Nigerian Today. Excerpts;

This is interesting! I appreciate and respect everybody's opinion and views but many seem to be far away from the truth taking Nigerian history into cognizance. Like I always pointed out to whoever cares to listen, we-Nigerians-all contributed either directly or indirectly to the current state of affairs in that country and the earlier we accept this fact the better. Let us stop blaming the leadership for what we all caused or contributed; bad followers become bad leaders. Our problem is not corruption, religion or leadership as some people claimed, fundamentally, our problem has more to do with our attitude, our culture and our orientation and all these gave birth to corruption and the rest.

Talking about attitude, Nigerians are inept, gullible, cowards, cunning, negative, hypocrites, sentimental and secretive. Nigerians lack integrity, we are negligent, we lack intellect, we lack vision. Nigeria is a country where bad behaviour is rewarded and good behaviour condemned. Nigeria is a country where somebody becomes rich or wealthy suddenly and nobody cares to challenge or ask questions but rather celebrate. Nigeria is a place where lecturers take female students to bed before awarding marks or before admitting them into schools and no parents dare to challenge or see anything bad in that; all our girls have lost their dignities for sexual perversion. Nigeria is a country where religious leaders and traditional rulers give titles to corrupt office holders as a reward and we all celebrate with them without seeing anything bad therein. Nigeria is a place where some of us are being hired by politicians to help them rig election and we all cannot or do not condemn this act but simply join in sharing the rewards all in the name of having our own share. Nigeria is also a place where corrupt politicians are being openly celebrated, hailed or worshiped yet, we blame them whenever we felt short-changed forgetting that we have already sold our conscience, pride, dignity, integrity and everything that matters in our national lives to them.

We do all these or allow all these because we are stupid, foolish and cowards. We always say we don't want to die but are we not dying? Culturally, millions of Nigerians are being undermined, rendered useless or relegated to nothingness because of either tradition or custom. Nigeria is a country where your opinion or ideology does not matter, no matter how logical or beneficial it might be as far as elders, leaders, boss or rich men are concerned simply because custom demands respect for elders, leaders and whoever is our senior. A lot of talents have been killed as a result of culture. People are not allowed to showcase their potentials and talents especially the youths. They are not free to express themselves thereby breeding all kinds of hidden and bizarre attitudes, behaviours and agendas and everything bloated with the world of communication and internet in a negative way. Due to the fact that Nigeria is a multicultural society with diverse traditions, customs, beliefs and languages, it has not been easy for mutual understanding, respect, co-existence and cohesion in the system thereby creating the problem of tribalism and ethnicity where people base their opinions, arguments and policies on tribal and ethnic sentiments. Tribalism has also made us not to see ourselves as Nigerians but first and foremost as an Ibo, an Hausa, a Yoruba, an Ishekiri, an Ijaw, an Efik, an Ikwere, an Ibibio and so on and so forth thereby creating a huge division amongst us. This is why we have not been able to move forward as a nation and do anything that will ordinarily be acceptable by all because anybody that becomes the president of the country tends towards nepotism and run the country as their ethnic and tribal enclaves thereby causing frictions.

Also talking about orientation, I will like to limit this to business because everything revolves round business. Even governance and business is about creation of wealth and creation of wealth leads to job creation. Nigeria and Nigerians lack business orientation. We as a people or as a nation don't know how to invest or know what to invest on and this is why virtually everything is in comatose. We import virtually everything thereby creating jobs abroad and creating unemployment in our own system. Nigerians prefer imported goods to locally made goods calling them all sorts of names-Aba made, Onitsha made and so on. We prefer to neglect our schools to ruin while we take all our children abroad and spending huge sums of money in the process. Nigerians prefer to throw parties to paying a child's school fee or even invest in little business that will fetch them daily income. Nigerians in Diaspora used to send lots of money running into billions of dollars home but if you ask me, most of those monies resulted to throwing of parties. Anyway, my advice to all of us is for us to start changing our attitudes for the better.

The End